Is Sky4Sim Pad compatible with VR?

Yes! It has been designed to never alt-tab anymore! It is integrated inside the game UI itself, the window can be resized or moved to the your favorite location.

Is Sky4Sim Pad compatible with XPlane or DCS?

No it is a MSFS addon exclusively.

Is Sky4Sim Pad an IPad / Android application?

No it is an MSFS ingame addon

Is there any minimum requirement regarding my configuration?


  • Running a x64bit OS
  • Use an ingame resolution height higher than 1000 pixels
  • An internet connection

Is there any integration with Navigraph, SkyVector, Vatsim or IVAO?

Not at that time, Sky4Sim includes a PDF reader that allows you to import any PDF charts or document before your flight. Once imported the document remains on the pad until you delete it.

Is Sky4Sim Pad compatible with XBox

Sadly no as currently there is no Simconnect API available on XBox version of Microsoft Flight Simulator

Is Neofly4 application available on Sky4Sim 1.3.0

No. The Neofly4 ingame client application will be available on Sky4Sim NG

Sky4Sim NG – Free and Premium

I’m a user of Sky4Sim 1.3.0 and I bought Sky4Sim before Sky4Sim NG. Will I have access to Sky4Sim NG Premium features?

Yes, as a user of Sky4Sim you have access to the Sky4Sim NG – The complete upgrade process is available here

Will Sky4Sim NG replace my Sky4Sim 1.3.0 installation?

No, as sky4sim NG has been fully rewrote we prefer to have them acting as two different products. You can then come back to your regular Sky4Sim version if you experience issues with the NG version

Will Sky4Sim 1.3.0 be maintained once Sky4Sim NG will be released?

No, we want Sky4Sim NG to replace Sky4Sim classic in the end. This is why we will not add any improvements to the current 1.3.0 version

I am already a Sky4Sim 1.3.0 user, how do I update to Sky4Sim NG?

Download the Sky4Sim NG free version and install it. The application will automatically import your license to unlock all premium features!

Payment and Download

I didn’t received my key after 15 minutes

It seems some of our licence mail are redirected to spam folder, please check all your mailbox folders, if you don’t find anything after 15 minutes, please contact our support


I can’t enter my License key.

Double check your email and serial. Both values are case sensitive. Don’t hesitate to copy paste them!

Sky4Sim doesn’t import my Navdata (can’t see any airport on the map)

We suggest to uninstall sky4sim from windows Add/Remove programs and reinstall in the default location (In your user appdata folder)

My map is fully black but the pad works, what’s wrong?

You have an error in your Bing API key. Double check it and update it inside the Pad settings application, “API” tab. If your key remains refused by Bing (black map) generate a new one using this tutorial

Sky4Sim Pad appears stretched in VR

This is because you run your MSFS on a multiscreen configuration, when using Sky4Sim Pad in VR please ensure your MSFS is running on single screen mode.

When clicking on Sky4Sim icon in MSFS toolbar, the opened window is blank

In order to work Sky4Sim Pad.exe needs to run its server on background. Launch Sky4Sim Pad from your desktop icon and click on Start Server. The Pad will then load inside MSFS


Why did you put the Show/Hide shortkey on the same key as MSFS Map?

As simmers before and foremost we know that there can be a lot of shortcut assigned to your keyboard! We chose to use the same as the base VFR map as we was sure it wasn’t used for any vital aircraft functionality and with our pad installed the base map is not that usefull anymore. So you can click on the gear icon at the right of your toolbar and simply disable base VFR Map.