Upgrade from Sky4Sim 1.3.x to Sky4Sim NG

Sky4Sim NG

From October 25th 2022, Sky4Sim become Sky4Sim NG. The NG version bring a lot of improvements and features!

If you already are a Sky4Sim customer you get access to Sky4Sim NG with all premium feature for free.

Upgrade Process

Do not install Sky4Sim NG in the same folder as Sky4Sim 1.3.1. They are two different applications and not a simple upgrade! Once you will have used Sky4Sim NG and you’ll be satisfied about it you’ll be able to uninstall the 1.3.x version.

Sky4Sim NG will automatically recognize your Sky4Sim license and will grant you all premium features!

To ensure you have the premium upgrade, you can have a look at the licenses tab on Sky4Sim – NG.

Under the Premium version product you should see your email and your obfuscated license key

The license key is obfuscated, you have the premium version if you see your email and the obfuscated string here. If Sky4Sim didn’t recognized your key during installation, these fields will be empty! You don’t have to click on submit!