Your ultimate Microsoft Flight Simulator all in one EFB addon!

Designed to improve your immersion


Stop breaking your immersion by removing your headset or minimizing Microsoft Flight Simulator. Everything you need is available from the cockpit!

All the tools you need

Maps, Weather, Notepad, Charts, Checklist, Flight planner and more! All you could need inside Flight Simulator fits inside Sky4Sim Pad

VR Addon

From our users feedback, simply the most usefull VR addon for Microsoft Flight Simulator!

Latest News

Sky4Sim NG – 1.6.0 released with exciting features!

Hi simmers! Today we’re glad to release the 1.6.0 version! This new version of our lovely all in one panel addon some huge and exciting improvements! Avionics Framework Update Sky4Sim community package has been entirely reworked with the new Working Title Avionics Framework update! Allowing a better communication between Sky4Sim and aircraft GPS and FMC! […]

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sky4sim NG available

Sky4Sim NG is available!

Hello simmers! I’m glad to let you know that sky4sim NG is available today! If you are already a sky4sim 1.3.x user, read our guide to upgrade to the NG version: Upgrade from Sky4Sim 1.3.x to Sky4Sim NG If you are not currently a Sky4Sim user, check out our Products page and try the free […]

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