All Sky4Sim products are provided as downloadable programs protected by a lifetime Serial Key that can’t be revoked and which are delivered by mail instantly after the purchase. As a licence can’t be revoked some specifics conditions are applied regarding refund policy.

From the 29th of December 2021 15:00 GMT+1, customers have to agree with these terms and conditions to be able to buy Sky4Sim products.

By buying a Sky4Sim product, they agree with the following conditions

  • The buyer is responsible of its choice of purchase: If you bought the wrong product, or something not compatible with your platform, you will not be refund. All compatibility details are available in the FAQ
  • The buyer can’t ask for a refund for a reason which is explicitly exposed on the sky4sim website
  • If for any personal reason, a buyer ask for a refund after receiving the Licence key and the download link, it will be not refunded.
  • Regarding technical issues, the buyer have to contact the support to get help, if the support consider the case is not solvable, Sky4Sim will propose a refund.
  • Sky4Sim is not responsible of users not being able to install or get the product working. As a Sky4Sim customer you have access to support service to solve all technical issue. Sky4Sim will not refund a purchase because the user is not able to use the application.

The terms and conditions regarding the Premium upgrade evolves:

  • From the 20th of March : 9:00 GMT+1: As Sky4Sim is available for free which allows users to test the product and its full compatibility with their system without any purchase no refund will be issued on the Premium version upgrade as the premium license key can’t be revoked.

The above condition can be broke if one of the following condition has not been respected:

  • The seller has to deliver the Licence key associated to the purchased product.

The contact team is available at for any concern regarding the above conditions.

The support team is available at for any help you could need during the application usage.