The future of Sky4Sim: Sky4Sim Free and Premium

Hello dear simmers!

Following the success and feedback sky4sim has received since its first release nearly 1 year ago, we have taken the decision to develop the product to something even bigger!

We believe that sky4sim should become the ultimate toolkit for Microsoft Flight Simulator! This is why in October a free version of Sky4Sim will be released!

This version will integrate almost all the current features of Sky4Sim along with some new ones.

However for the most passionate among you or anyone wishing to support the project, a premium license will also be available in order to have access to additional features.

For all existing sky4sim customers, you will automatically gain the premium version and all its features!

What’s new in the next version

The next version has entirely been rebuilt. We made the decision to redo almost everything from scratch to improve stability, reliability, and scalability. This is why Sky4Sim 1.4.0 will not be a simple update of the current version but a complete new package called Sky4Sim NG

The main new features will be:

  • Automatic updates for Point of Interest and Bush trips after each MSFS update.
  • Borderless window
  • Flight plan sharing with friends
  • Flight plan sharing between Sky4Sim and MSFS aircraft navigation system
  • Access to flight plan and simulator weather directly from the Map
  • Live weather layer on top of the map
  • A scratchpad application
  • Possibility to adjust visual settings (font size, GPS arrow colour, map icons size: Ndb, Vor, Poi)
  • PDF editor, add page, remove page from any document you uploaded
  • Transform any Image or clipboard screen capture to a PDF – to quickly build library of documents and references before your flight.

If you want more details about features available in Free and Premium version, don’t hesitate to have a look at their presentation pages:

We really hope that you’ll continue enjoy our product, and we plan a lot of cool updates and features in the future!