Bing API key

On first launch, sky4sim will ask you for your Bing API key. This key is optional but recommended to get most advanced features.

To generate your Bing API Key follow this tutorial then paste your key in the Field and click “Next!

MSFS appdata directory

Sky4sim NG should detect your MSFS installation directory as the standard MSFS flight plan folder. This step can fail if you own a boxed version of MSFS or if MSFS isn’t installed in a standard location.

In this case, please click the little folder icon next to the text field and select your MSFS flight plan folder by hand.

You can find the location of your MSFS flight plan location folder from the world map by trying to save or open a flight plan

Community Folder

Sky4Sim NG should now detect your community folder and auto install its community addon inside the folder. If it fails because MSFS isn’t installed in a standard location, you will be prompted to select your community folder by hand.

Once done the Addon will auto install itself in MSFS community folder. When completed, click “Next!

Airports and Navaids Importation

Sky4Sim will now import all MSFS airports and Navaids. Click on “Import” and wait for the process to complete. It must take several minutes!

If it ends instantly this is because you have a permission problem on your Sky4Sim installation directory. In this case, uninstall and reinstall in the default location. If it still have problem, get in touch with community on Discord

Once importation is completed, click “Next!

Configuration complete

Your Sky4Sim is now ready to use! Click “Ok” to reach the main window.

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