Sky4Sim – Neofly: Ultimate free MSFS career addon

Sky4Sim becomes the official Neofly4 in-game client!

Dear simmers.

We are really happy and pleased to announce our partnership with Neofly!

If you don’t know what Neofly is, it’s a free Microsoft Flight Simulator career addon!

Here at Sky4Sim we have loved Neofly since its first release and this is why we are so happy to deliver to you a collaboration of our products. A Neofly4 client application integrated inside Sky4Sim.

If you’re a VR pilot or maybe you would prefer to complete a game session without jumping back to windows to manage your career, you now can! This means you can carry out everything you need directly from the Sky4Sim tablet! Take a new job, refuel your aircraft, check your logs and objectives!

Just start the game, jump into your cockpit, turn on your Neofly Application on the Sky4Sim tablet and you’re good to go!

Deliver cargo to small mountain airports you would never found by yourself! Bring tourist to beautiful point of interests, rescue survivors after a crash, or intercept an aircraft in your military jet! All these activities and way more are available to you for free!

Give it a try!

The Neofly4 client application for Sky4Sim will be available on Sky4Sim Pad NG in October