Access to Sky4Sim from a Mobile device

This article is deprecated. Mobile support will not be continued on Sky4Sim NG version

From version 1.3.1 Sky4Sim can be accessed from a Mobile device web browser.

On our side we highly recommend to install and use Opera Mobile browser as it allow the user to display the content of the webpage in fullscreen.

How to use sky4sim from my mobile device?

Step 1: Download Opera web browser from IStore or GooglePlay

Go on your application provider and search for Opera, then install Opera web browser

Step 2: Find your computer local IP address from the Sky4Sim Core application

Go onto the Mobile tab on your Sky4Sim Core application and check your local IP address

Step 3: Open Opera web browser from your mobile device and enter this IP address in the address bar

Go on the address bar and type the same IP you got on step 2 and validate to access sky4sim

Step 4 (optional) Add sky4sim to your home and opera application quick access

To avoid typing your IP every time you can add Sky4Sim address to your mobile device home page or to the Opera quick access by clicking on the 3 vertical dot near the address bar and choosing the options like on the screenshot

You’re done. You can now use Sky4Sim from your mobile device with full support of all gesture!