Great news! Simworks Studio RV-10 will integrate Sky4Sim EFB!

I have no words to say how glad we are to see Sky4Sim integrated into the upcoming Simworks Studio RV10! I honestly am a big fan of their Kodiak100, it is an amazing aircraft full of details and it is always a pleasure to take it on a bushtrip!

I am already sure than this RV10 will be a great bird to fly just because it is the last birth of the SWS family and I can’t wait to try it on the release day!

In addition to announce the integration on the RV-10, they announced their wish to gradually integrate Sky4Sim into all the current SWS aircraft which is beyond our expectations!

Please have a look at their fantastic aircrafts there!
You can also have a look at their facebook page for news and announcements:

Have many great flights!