Get Your API keys Ready!

Sky4Sim Pad is a tool that allows the user to load a Bing Maps as well as Real Weather METAR from AVWX or AWC inside Microsoft Flight Simulator. As a tool, Sky4Sim Pad doesn’t deliver API keys, the user is invited to enter its own personal keys at the first Initialization of Sky4Sim Pad.

Get Your Bing API Key

Even if it looks complicated, it is actually really easy to get your own Bing API key. We will guide you during the 5 steps to get your key ready.


  • Web browser
  • Microsoft Account

Step 1: Sign in into Bing Maps Dev Center

First open the following link and click Sign In button to log into the Dev Center with your Microsoft Account

Step 2: Move to “My Keys” page

Now that you are logged in, click on My account menu entry and then My Keys

Step 3: Create a new key

Click the here link on the sentence Click here to create a new key.

Step 4: Enter new Key Information

Give your key a name (it can be whatever you like), choose Basic as Key type and Windows Application as Application Type and then click Create.

Step 5: Get Your Key

You just have to click on Show key to see and copy your Bing API Key. Keep it somewhere safe until your first launch of Sky4Sim Pad

Get your AVWX API key

From version 1.1.0 getting AVWX key is optional, if user don’t enter its AVWX key at first initialisation, the pad will use the AWC API instead.

Getting you AVWX API key is as simple as Bing one.

Step 1: Register an AVWX account

Go to and enter needed information: Email and Password and click Register. You will have to access your email to confirm your registration.

If you are not able to register an account:

AVWX needs a special character in password and it does not display any error message, if despite your password you can’t register double check that your email address is not already in use on the website by trying a Password reset:

Step 2: Create a new Token

Now that you are connected to AVWX move to the following page: and click New Token

Step 3: Get your key

Your key is ready, you can copy it to somewhere safe until your first launch of Sky4Sim Pad.